Our Projects



The Company in a short period of its inception made business with many destinations as a designer, consultant or contractor for many works, including:

  • Design and implementation of the Malaysiantower(11 floors) (625 m2) Alhoria Street – Alsajana Market.
  • Design and implementation of building (4floors) for Mr. Yakoot Al Noor at Al Lamaab Bahar Abyad district (Khartoum).
  • Design and implementation of building (4floors) for Mr. Sayed Ahmed Mohammed region of Al Mamoora (Khartoum).
  • Design and implementation of building (4floors) for Mr. AhmedAbbas–Al Lamab Bahar Abyad-(Khartoum).
  • Design and implementation of building (4floors) for Mr. AtefAbdel Kader–Riyadh, Square 8 (Khartoum).
  • Design and implementation of building (5 floors) for Mr. Atif Sheikh–Al Muhandessen (Omdurman).
  • Design and implementation of a partial building (5 floors) for NabilDqil-Al Muhandessen(Omdurman).
  • Design and implementation of building (3 floors)for Mr.AtefAbdel Kaderat Al Lamab Bahar Abyad-(using the pills foundation).
  • Implementation and redesign (basement +3floors) for building of Mr. Hadi Mahdiat Al Muhandessen area.
  • Implementation of building of (3 floors)for Dr. Abdahalim, Al Daim area.
  • Partial implementation (4floors)building, for Mr. Hashim Abdullah, Shambat (Bahri) (with deep piles method).
  • Partial design and implementation of a (3floors) building for Mohamed Ahmed at Al Lamab (Khartoum).
  • Design and implementation of (2 floors) at Abdullah bin Ruahh complex-two floors-South Khartoum.
  • Design and implementation of (2 floors)Al Walidain Islamic Complex in at Al Lamab Bahar Abyad region (Khartoum).
  • Designand implementation of (2 floors) at Khalidibn al-WalidIslamicComplex at Umbadaharea (Omdurman).
  • Designand implementation of (1 floors) at Tamim Islamic Cultural Center –at Al Sahafa area (with deep piles method).
  • Partial implementation of (2 floors) of Zu Al Nourain Islamic Complex - Al Muhandessen
  • Carrying outfinishing andmaintenance of differentand varied works: Ministryof Education: such as Abdullah bin Rawaha school construction; second floor/ house at Al Taif squar e2; second floor/ inn, Al Amarat Street 53... a.s.o.
  • Tower design (10 floors) for Al Nour:Mansheya Bridge Street (Khartoum).
  • Tower design (8floors) for Al Yakout: Alirsal Region (Omdurman).
  • Building design (5 floors) for Mr.Abdul Majid Makkimulti-storey area of Yathrib.
  • Building design (5 floors) for Mr.YasserAbdullahmultiplefloorsin WestAldiom.
  • Building design (5 floors) for Mr.EssamSaid– Arkawit (Khartoum).
  • Building design (5 floors) for Mr. Moataz (Alshahid Taha Al Mahi–Jabra - Khartoum).
  • Building design (5 floors)for Mr.Mohammed Fathi-Yathrib(Khartoum).
  • Building design (5 floors)for Mr.Salah Abdul Karim Makki-Jabra-(Khartoum).
  • Building design (3 floors) for Mr. AbdullahAbdulRahman– Al Ushra -(Khartoum).
  • Building design (4floors) for Mr. SaadJibrilat Al Thawra area (Omdurman).
  • Building design (4floors) for Mr. Mohammed Saeedin West Aldiom(Khartoum).
  • Design and supervision of the building(basement+ 3floors) villa for MusaAbdulAkadir –Al Dekhainat (Khartoum).
  • Villa design (3 floors): Mr. AbdullahAbdul Rahman(Gabra –Al Ushra).
  • Villa design (3floors): Mr. HatemMohammed(Al Raki Neighborhood).
  • Redesign building (6 floors) to Mr.Mohamed Hassan(860 m2) (Al Lamab).
  • Redesign building (4floors): Mr. AliMakki-(Yathrib).
  • Redesign building (4 floors) AdelAl Khair-(Arkawit).
  • Villa redesign (3floors): Mr. Mohammed Hatem-(Yathrib).
  • Khartoum Bankdesign– Al Sajana branch.
  • Cleopatra factory design, Mr. Mohamed Tayib, Industrial Zone (Bahri).

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