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Objectives of our company:
  1. Development of engineering business by inserting the laboratory work to increase the scientific safeguards and quality control.
  2. Working in accordance with the modern designs software (3D MAX, AUTOCAD & PROKAN ...... etc.).
  3. Attempting to sophisticate the business to reach international standards in design and implementation.
  4. Working to accomplish the business of the owners in the time frame agreed upon.
  5. Working to use the most sophisticated equipment in the world in the field of construction engineering.
  6.   Development of the level of labor to a sophisticated level with good interaction with the modern equipment by using skilled labor in the company's projects to ensure and improve quality.
  7. Offer competitive options to other institutions: by supplying the materials from the manufacturing markets in collaboration with the company's offices and agents outside Sudan.
  8. Introduction of new technology of low-cost building through twinning with international companies advanced and specialized in this field.
  9. Contributing in charity constructions (mosques – hospitals...) through design, supervision and implementation with the prime cost, without profit.
  10. Scientific contribution to the development of the civilized image in the state by (seminars – conferences – exhibitions – conferences...).