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General Manager Letter

We are International Civilian Engineering Company Limited (ICECO) eagerly sought to become closer to your ambitions, and fulfilling your wishes for what the world of engineering had reached in technology and development accompanied by presenting the required services in specific times and outstanding quality. Not only that, but all of these services are with the best competitive prices studied by our company for the domestic and the international market.

We hope with our participation in your projects that we free your mind from all the burdens of planning and follow-up of your engineering facility and to facilitate a close follow-up with you. So, in using the highest technical aspects and for that while you are in any place we offer you a service: the follow-up of the design of your facilities – licensing procedures the maps of your facilities and your governmental documents related to the project – follow-up your engineering projects for the functioning and proceeding of the work – guidance from consultants - follow up your accounts.

All this is through a page that belongs to you on our site that you can access by entering the name of your project and your password.

What we are offering you is the product of the accumulation of supreme practical experiences of the Company and its content of technical staff having the highest scientific degrees and have its academic engineering connections internally and internationally. This made them engineers of the high degree of professionalism.

  • Our engineering staff has the technical ability with ease to deal with any type of business in any place locally and internationally.
  • Time - is the main factor in all construction projects that we implement. This is our primary goal to bring the service for the client to benefit from in accordance with the shortest time agreed on.
  • Proactive rather than reactive, we are at the forefront of new specialties and advantageous alliances. We are here to enhance people's lifestyle and the economy through our services.

Our services are distinctive because they are continuous. Our adaptability and the solid communication between branches mean we deliver results Against all odds and external challenges.

  • The level of service and anticipation of market trends are what shape us. Why? Because we are dedicated to making sure you are satisfied no matter how large or small your project is.
  • We also focus on what society really needs and hence pay special attention to the environment and communities.
  • Civilian services are all in-house, covering a broad spectrum from engineering to urban, transportation, energy, water, and oil & gas projects. This means we can enhance infrastructure, create new buildings, develop neighborhoods, and reshape entire cities .
  • We hope to live up in your company - civilian - in the skies of success by presentation distinguished services and keeping up with the most sophisticated methods.

General Manager