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Designing Department

With more than 15 years of experience in handling major projects, civilian provides client oriented professional services, based on international standards, codes, procedures and more, a commitment for excellence. Civilian expertise leaves it best for skills, quality and leadership. The services cover a wide range of activities and include:
  1. Architecture Designs :

  2. The Architectural Department is the innovative avant-guardist department of civilian. It has successfully piloted the construction of iconic landmarks all through sudan . Benefiting from visionary design, through study and analysis in addition to efficient management, projects tackled encompass wide and diverse functions. The wide technical educational and cultural background of our architects and planners is our asset. They possess solid expertise of American and European professional practice in addition to profound knowledge of international codes and standards. They positively collaborate with our engineering trades and disciplines in order to meet clients and end-users requirements. Buildings types and functions comprise the following design typology:
    • Residential : Apartment Buildings and Complexes, Private Residences and Housing Compounds.
    • Commercial & Retail : Office Buildings and Complexes, Commercial Centers, Showrooms, Shopping Malls and Hypermarkets.
    • Corporate : Headquarter Buildings, Complexes and Banks.
    • Governmental : Embassies, Ministries, Governmental Agencies, Municipalities and Consulates.
    • Hospitality :Hotels, Resorts, Motels, Marinas, Water Parks, Sports Clubs ,Recreational Centers.
    • Health care : Hospital ,Medical research center , medical clinics .
    • Educational : Universities, Specialized Colleges, Schools, Technical Schools, Academies, Language Centers and Cultural Centers.
    • Institutional : Mosque, Prisons, Houses of Worship, Correctional Institutes and Vocational Training Centers.
    • Industrial : Plants, Service Workshops, Factories and Filling Stations.
    • Transport facilities : Airports Planning & Design of Related Buildings and Facilities, Passengers Stations, Fuelling Stations and Depots.
    • Roads ,bridge & tunnels .
    Architecture Services includes:
    1. Preparation all types of Architecture drawings of master plans with ( inertial and external ) using modern design programs in 2D & 3D
    2. Preparation detailed work drawings .
    3. Preparation technical specifications
    4. Preparation architect modeling ,database design and development
    5. Preparation bill of quantity & estimating tables...
    6. Preparation conditions of contracting
  3. Structure Designs :

  4. Structural Engineering at civilian is the oldest discipline in the company since founders of the company are structural engineers themselves. That is why Structural Engineering at civilian has always been under close scrutiny in order to apply state-of-the-art solutions and to enforce rigorous standards of safety and quality. Under this constant attention, Structural Engineering at civilian has thrived to meet the ever-increasing demand for larger and more complex structures, taller buildings, longer bridges, supporting heavier loads and meeting more stringent safety, serviceability and durability standards. Today, civilian employs engineers with more than 30 years of design experience. The combination of institutional tradition with state-of-the-art techniques and technology, using world class standard software as well as in-house custom developed software, insures the client that the most appropriate structural solution in terms of cost and safety will be selected, taking into account all the particular conditions of the project.*
    Structural Services includes:
    1. Preparation all Design of New Structures using modern design programs.
    2. Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures
    3. Design of Pre-stressed Concrete Structures
    4. Design of Steel Structures
    5. Checking of Existing Designs
    6. Inspection and Repair of Existing Structures
    7. Preparation quantities estimating tables...
    8. Supervision Geotechnical Investigation and Field testing.
    9. Supervision studies for dams, roads, buildings and retaining structures.
    10. Supervision Investigation, monitoring and analysis for slope stability.
    The Structural Engineering know-how is regularly applied to the following types of structures:
    1. Hotels, office buildings & residential high-rise towers with distinctive architectural features.
    2. Institutional facilities: schools, hospitals, military barracks, and banks.
    3. Villas and palaces: with intricate architectural treatment.
    4. Warehouses, supermarkets and factories.
    5. Bridges, tunnels, culverts and retaining walls.
    6. Elevated water tanks, pump rooms, settling tanks, filters, & grain silos.
    7. Electric transmission towers.
    8. Consultation on special geotechnical studies.
    9. Interpretive reporting of field and laboratory test results.
  5. Survey Designs :

    • Preparation all The drawing surveying using modern devices
  6. Electrical Designs :

    In today’s world, building owners and designers are expected to meet the ever-escalating, high quality power demands of advanced telecom and high technology which are part and parcel of the challenging complexity of modern projects. Consequently, our electrical engineers work diligently to offer services capable of accommodating these demands while taking a proactive approach that will keep our electrical solutions viable for the years to come. civilian offers specialized consulting services in the following: Design of all follow sector
    • Lighting:
    Indoor/ Flood Lighting/ Landscape/ Road/ Tunnel
    • Building:
    MV/LV, Power Distribution, Protection and Safety-Low Current Systems: Security, Alarm, Audio-visual
    • Conveying Systems:
    Elevators, Escalators, Moving Ramps-Buildings Automation System-Power
    • Infrastructure:
    Transmission, Distribution, Substation
    • Utility Management:
    SCADA, Energy Management, Distribution Management, Planning and Reinforcement, Energy Audit
    • Digital Utilities Solutions:
    AMR, Outage Management System, Facility Management, Database Management/ Maintenance, Application Software
  7. mechanical Designs :

    Since, civilian established, Mechanical Engineering team has undertaken allot of projects, small and large. Today, the team has grown to encompass more engineers in, providing clients not only technical expertise but feasible and up to date solutions that meet their needs. The qualified and well-trained engineers recognize the individuality of each client’s requirements, in which practical solutions are tailored to provide the client with cost-effective systems. Mechanical Department engineers strongly believe they are responsible to provide sustainable design solutions which provide healthy buildings, avoid useless energy consumption and depletion of natural resources, generate less waste, and are within the client’s budget. Our commitment to sustainability has been an integral part of our design philosophy and has been conveyed as a cultural transfer to our clients. We are taking these core values to the next level of implementation through the use of renewable energy source, water conservation measures, energy efficient systems and indoor air quality improvements.
    • Highly professional standard of service is provided by our professionals in the following domains:
      • Direct Expansion (DX) & Packaged Air Conditioning Systems
      • Centralized Chilled Water Air conditioning Systems
      • Zone smoke Control Systems
      • Thermal Energy Storage Systems
      • Laboratory Fume Handling and Containment Systems
      • Hospital Medical Systems including HVAC infection control
      • Mechanical services for industrial Applications including workshops for military, rail transits and food industries
      • Water Supply and Drainage Systems
      • Fire fighting Systems
      • Pumping Stations
      • Power Generation Plants
      • Boiler and Fuel Plants
      • Process Cooling Plants
      • Noise Control Analysis
      • Compressed Air Systems
      • Life Cycle Cost Analysis and Pay back
    Mechanical Services includes:
    • Preparation all designs of internal and external different electrical connections and all kinds of telephone and electronic connections.
    • Preparation all designs of refrigeration and air conditioning systems
    • Preparation all designs of Networks connections of oil and liquefied natural gas works
    • Preparation all designs of Gas stations
    • Preparation all designs of Elevators
    • Preparation all designs of fire fighting networks.
    • Preparation all designs of sewerage networks ......)