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Contracting Department :

All kinds of Construction:
  1. Survey:

  • Our company use of modern surveyingdevicesindifferentconstructions works like: (REALTIME -TOTAL STATION - LEVEL)
  • perform alloperationscadastralwayof scientificand technological development.
  1. Soil:

  • Supply and making of any kind of soil works (excavations – drilling – backfilling – compactions ….)
  • Treatmentand resistance to soil saltsand ground waterexternally and upper roofs of the buildings(water proofing)
  • Allkinds ofquickimplementationdeepexcavations(for piles foundationsof concreteandiron buildings)
  1. Concrete:

  • supply and making of any kind of concrete working for ( buildings fromfoundations to handing of the key )
  • Doing Low-cost buildings...
  • Doing all silos works
  • Doing any bridge or tunnels ….
  1. Steel:

  • Supply andmaking oftrussesof alltypes and sizes .
  • Supplyand implementation ofmulti-storeysteel buildingswith international agencies (steel buildings that rise up to 50floors)
  1. Electrical:

  • supply and making Networks of electrical works
  • supply and making Generators
  • supply and making internal and externaldifferentelectrical connections and all kinds oftelephone and electronic connections.
  1. Mechanical:

  • supply and making Allrefrigeration and air conditioningsystems
  • supply and making Networks connectionsof oil andliquefied natural gas works
  • supply and making Gas stations
  • supply and making Elevators
  • supply and making fire fighting networks.
  • supply and making sewerage networks......)
  • supply and making Allurban waternetworksand sewage networksandrainwater
  1. Finishing:

  • supply and making All different finishing anddecoration works.